20+ sessions to learn from leading experts on data virtualization, analytics, cloud, and big data

Avinash Deshpande
Grand Keynote- Big Data Virtualization in the Cloud
Avinash Deshpande Principal – Big Data and Analytics, Logitech
Mark Blanchette
Accelerating Self-Service BI with Logical Data Warehouse
Mark Blanchette VP, Data Warehouse, Seacoast Bank
Paul Balas
Modernizing Data Warehouse Using Real-time Data Virtualization and MDM
Paul Balas VP of BI and Chief Information Architect, Digital Realty
Larry Dawson
Centralizing Data Security with Data Virtualization
Larry Dawson Enterprise Architect, Asurion
Tim Fredricks
Enterprise View of Data with Semantic Data Layer
Tim Fredricks Enterprise Data Architect, VSP Global
Mark Eaton
The Governed Data Lake – Putting Big Data to Work
Mark Eaton Enterprise Architect, Autodesk
Anna Yong
Modern, Agile Data Architecture for IoT/ Streaming Analytics
Anna Yong Director of Product Marketing, Hortonworks
Pablo Alvarez
Metadata and Data: Search and Exploration
Pablo Alvarez Principal Technical Engineer, Denodo
Lakshmi Randall
The Role of Data Virtualization in IoT Integration
Lakshmi Randall Head of Product Marketing, Denodo
Lakshmi Randall
Executive Session- ROI Justification in Data Virtualization
Lakshmi Randall Head of Product Marketing, Denodo / Paul Moxon Head of Product Management, Denodo
Bharat Venkat
Pathway to Data Virtualization Maturity
Bharat Venkat Technical Director, Denodo / Lakshmi Randall Head of Product Marketing, Denodo
Annette Cini
Partner Enablement and Go-To-Market
Annette Cini Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, Denodo / Suresh Chandrasekaran Sr. Vice President, Denodo