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Welcome & Denodo's Vision

An informal chat with Denodo's CEO Angel Vina on the future of the data management market, his vision for how Denodo is evolving its product to be a next-generation data management platform.

Ángel Viña, CEO and founder, Denodo
Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO, Denodo
Forrester Analyst Keynote: Driving Business Growth through Data Agility

Growth remains a top business priority for all firms - but creating explosive growth can be elusive. Join Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins for this informative presentation where he explores how visionary business leaders are applying new agile methods of data management to unlock innovation, turning data into a catalyst for new business growth.

Brian Hopkins, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
CTO Perspective: Denodo 8.0 - The Next Generation of Data Virtualization

Never has data been more important, more opportunistic and more challenging for organizations to effectively manage. Join Denodo CTO Alberto Pan to explore the next generation in modern data management - The Denodo Platform v.8.0. Discover the latest features supporting:

  • Cloud/mulitcloud data integration
  • Machine Learning / Data Science
  • API, Containers, Microservices
  • Data Catalogs and metadata management

Alberto Pan, Executive VP & CTO, Denodo

Customer Keynote: Prologis Leverages Data Virtualization to Modernize and Accelerate Analytics

Prologis provides efficient logistics real estate solutions across 19 countries and 4 continents to ensure the timely delivery of $1.6 trillion of materials that flow through their warehouses each year. They implemented the Denodo Platform to provide analysts and data scientists with the ability to speed up integration into logical data warehouses. Denodo provides business users with real-time access to integrated data across the organization’s diverse data sources without the need to replicate data or use ETL.

In this session you will learn how:

  • Business users answer critical business questions with speed and self-service
  • Data virtualization enables data scientists to build fast and insightful models
  • Cloud based data virtualization architecture enables automated resource and configuration deployments

Luke Slotwinski, VP Data & Analytics, Prologis

Enabling Fast Data Delivery

Denodo Presentation

Competition and the speed of change requires a new approach to data architecture – one that is real-time, agile and doesn’t rely on physical data movement. Learn how a logical data architecture can enable companies to transistion data faster to the cloud with zero downtime and ultimately deliver faster time to insight.

Pablo Alvarez, Global Director, Product Management, Denodo

Product Demonstration

xperience how easy it is to access Denodo in the cloud. You will receive a guided tour through the process of access the cloud marketplace and accessing Denodo data.

Pablo Alvarez, Global Director, Product Management, Denodo

Logical Architectures for Analytics

Denodo Presentation: Modernize Your Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse

Data virtualization delivers the enterprise class performance needed to handle today's data volumes. Explore the best practices for query optimization in a logical data warehouse. This session will take a deep dive into data modeling, configuration, tuning and strategies for optimizing cache and metadata management.

Calvin Fudge, Director, Product Marketing, Denodo

Partner Presentation: Tableau - Democratize the Use of Reporting Tools with Universal Semantic Layer

Virtualization and Visualization work together through an universal semantic layer. Learn how they enable self-service data discovery through data catalogs and improve performance of your reports and dashboards.

Madeleine Cornelli, Product Management, Tableau

Customer Presentation: Logitech - Data Done Right = #Winning

Logitech, a worldwide manufacturer of personal computer accessories, relied on the Denodo Platform for a live migration from on-premise to Snowflake. They created a governed and secure data layer in their AWS cloud with Denodo, Snowflake and Tableau, not only to run analytics at scale but to create a single semantic data repository and to be able to optimize data availability to their end users in real-time. Logitech will share with you how they run self-service NLP and humanize data insights for their retail pricing, POS and sentiment analysis among many other use cases.

Avinash Deshpande, Chief Software Architect, Logitech

Panel Discussion

An informative roundtable discussion on logical data architectures with insights from partners, customers and Denodo experts.

Panelists: Calvin Fudge, Director, Product Marketing, Denodo / Vincent L'Archeveque, VP Operations SimplicityBI / Madeleine Corneli, Product Management, Tableau / Avinash Deshpande, Chief Software Architect, Logitech
Moderator: Suresh Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President, Denodo

Transitioning to Cloud Made Simple

Denodo Presentation: How Data Virtualization Can Help to Overcome the Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud the challenges with data integration can increase. Learn how data virtualization can make it easier to transition data between cloud and on-premise by providing a virtual data layer that abstracts business users from the technical details of where data resides.

Mitesh Shah, Senior Product Manager-Cloud, Denodo

Partner Presentation: Wipro - Discover the Best Practices in Multicloud Data Integration

Join this session to learn more about best practices of deploying Data Virtualization platform in cloud and how the Wipro solution simplifies multi-location architecture to accelerate cloud migration. We will review some success stories where Wipro has helped customers on Data Warehouse modernization and Data Science applications by leveraging the Denodo platform.

Rajat Sinha, Sr. Director Alliances Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro Limited

Customer Presentation: AXA XL - Data Virtualization in the Cloud

How do you insure delivering consistent and reliable information to the right audience on a timely manner, especially when your data exist in heterogeneous platforms? Moreover, how do you scale systems to provide the appropriate level of performance and availability? AXA XL will share with you their vision of how the reusable components from a Data Virtualization layer and the flexibility of Cloud Technologies combine to achieve this elusive goal efficiently and effectively.

Paco Hernandez, CoE Lead - Semantic & Data Modeling, AXA XL

Panel Discussion

An informative roundtable discussion on cloud data integration with insights from partners, customers and Denodo experts.

Panelists: Mitesh Shah, Sr. Product Product Manager-Cloud, Denodo / Rajat Sinha, Sr. Director Allliances Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro Limited / Paco Hernandez, CoE Lead, AXA XL
Moderator: Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO, Denodo

Closing Remarks
Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO, Denodo