William McKnight
William McKnight
President at McKnight Consulting Group

An increase in data leadership correlates to an increase in business success.

Every single item on a company mission statement relates to data at some level. It is from the position of data expertise that the mission will be executed and company leadership will emerge. The data professional is absolutely sitting on the performance of the company in this information economy and has an obligation to demonstrate the possibilities and originate the architecture, data and projects that will deliver. After all, no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of information.

The data leader will anticipate the need -- the voracious need -- for data. If the need does not seem to exist, that is where to start. Commit to growing the data science at your organization. It's simply not enough to be responsive to urgent requests and be the data leader that companies need.

The speaker will share from experience some of the hallmarks of mature, leading data environments that leaders will be guiding their data environments towards in the next few years, with the goal of helping true data leadership emerge.


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