Eugene Pozdnikov
Eugene Pozdnikov
Chris Maresca
Chris Maresca

Data stewards within healthcare organizations are faced with a number of unfortunately all-to-common challenges: They spend more time curating data rather than they do using data; much of the data is stored in silos; they struggle to gain a consistent, longitudinal view of patient data; and they often cannot add new data sources without re-architecting the whole system.

Learn how Cyberionix (CYBX) teamed up with Denodo to create a logical data fabric specifically designed for healthcare organizations, enabling them to solve these challenges and gain the flexibility to modernize as needed, so they can better meet patients’ needs without compromising security and privacy. You will hear from Eugene Pozdnikov, CEO at CYBX, and Chris Maresca, CTO at CYBX, who will also guide you through two live demos of the solution in action.

You will learn (and see) how the CYBX/Denodo solution:

  • Normalizes a wide variety of data sources for seamless interoperability
  • Enables real-time data integration at scale, which has proven to be invaluable during the pandemic
  • Provides data access using industry standards
  • Facilitates self-service data access, including secure patient access to his or her own data
  • Implements role-based access control, to maintain strong security and data governance