Steve Simpson
Chief Revenue Officer, Aligned Automation
Amir Assar
Regional Sales VP, Denodo

Join us for a dynamic 20-minute fireside chat featuring Steve Simpson, Chief Revenue Officer, Aligned Automation and Amir Assar, Regional Sales VP at Denodo. The discussion will illuminate how tailored client services can amplify business function value.

Aligned Automation's approach centers on crafting tailored solutions that empower clients to harness the potential of data-driven decisions to streamline operations and heighten customer experiences. This ethos aligns well with Denodo's evolving paradigm of providing client-centric enterprise value. In this enlightening dialogue, we delve into the symbiotic relationship between our companies' trajectories. Discover how Denodo's innovative data management capabilities, can seamlessly intersect with the aspirations of businesses, fusing technology prowess with holistic business function benefits. As we explore the nuances, you'll gain insights into the strategies, synergies, and shared objectives that will drive our partnership forward.