Arif Rajwani
Arif Rajwani
Founder, Data Architect for BI and Analytics, Simplicity BI

Today's complex organizations will often have hundreds if not thousands of data repositories, distributed across on-premise stores and now the cloud. For data to become truly democratized, non-specialists and data natives need to be able to easily find and access data without requiring outside help. 

Watch this Denodo DataFest 2017 session to discover:

  • Learn about how the Enmax and SimplicityBI team built an innovative marketplace to serve the needs of users across Enmax and aid in the discovery of data.
  • Technologies used and the challenges involving security, performance, privacy and governance.
  • How a custom marketplace fueled by Denodo can provide a solution, a single access point for all of an organization's data assets exposed as reusable services and enriched with searchable metadata.

Visit the Denodo DataFest 2017 to watch all the sessions on-demand.