Holly Burch
Holly Burch
Data Architect at Sharp Healthcare

Sharp HealthCare is San Diego’s largest healthcare provider, touching the lives of more than a million individuals every year. In 2018, with over a hundred data sources, Sharp HeathCare had a vision of knitting these sources together as a logical data warehouse. It was taking Sharp HealthCare as long as 3 months just to add a new data source, and the healthcare provider wanted greater agility.

In this session, Holly Burch, Data Architect at Sharp HealthCare, explains how Sharp HealthCare leveraged the Denodo Platform to establish a logical data warehouse, to gain substantial benefits.

You will learn how, by leveraging the Denodo Platform, Sharp HealthCare was able to:

  • Move from being decidedly not agile to being decidedly agile
  • Accelerate new-source additions from 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks
  • Accelerate new infrastructure enhancements from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days
  • Perform back-end migrations with no impact to end-users
  • Create a real-time data marketplace