Louis de Gouveia
Louis de Gouveia
Data Competency Manager at iOCO

Inspired by the combination of digitally native internet organizations (iO) and the creative organizations (CO) of the future, iOCO offers technology, deep industry expertise, and creative problem-solving skills to solve the unique business challenges of every client. In addition to partnering with Denodo, iOCO partners with dozens of other top-tier technology vendors, and can choose its preferred technology for its own infrastructure. When iOCO wanted to better integrate the data from acquisitions, iOCO chose the Denodo Platform.

In this session, Louis de Gouveia, Data Competency Manager at iOCO, tells the story of how iOCO chose to implement the Denodo Platform over the top data integration and data management solutions available.

You will learn: •

  • The different challenges that iOCO faced before implementing the Denodo Platform
  • The different data architectures that iOCO established before settling on the architecture built on the Denodo Platform
  • How iOCO leveraged the Denodo Platform not only to gain real-time access across data sources that were previously siloed, but also for the platform’s analysis-tool-agnostic capabilities
  • The benefits gained by one iOCO customer that leveraged the Denodo Platform
  • How the Denodo Platform simplified the iOCO customer’s complex integration of multiple SAP systems