Ulrich Gantenbein
Ulrich Gantenbein
Associate Partner at Q-PERIOR

The Denodo Platform is a proven, data-virtualization-based solution for seamless data management and real-time data integration. However, when implementing the Denodo Platform, it is best to leverage the expertise of those with experience.

Ulrich Gantenbein is an associate partner at Q-PERIOR, a consulting company with experience performing countless Denodo Platform implementations. In this session, he shares this experience as actionable takeaways.

You will learn:

  • Why, even though the Denodo Platform is up to 4 times faster than extract, transform and load (ETL) processes, its performance should always be optimized
  • What is involved in integrating SAP data sources
  • The importance of setting up the data virtualization layer for different user groups
  • Why it is critical to coordinate business and IT agendas
  • The importance of educating the entire organization on the benefits of data virtualization