Sathish Soundararajan
Sathish Soundararajan
EVP Sales and Member of the Executive Team at Indium Software

The cloud offers numerous benefits over on-premises systems, including seamless scalability, vast storage capabilities, and reduced total cost. But migrating data to the cloud, securely, can be a difficult, time-consuming undertaking that can also impede business continuity.

Join Sathish Soundararajan, EVP of Sales and member of the executive team at Indium Software, a technology solutions company and Denodo partner, as he explains how logical data fabric can simplify and accelerate the cloud-migration process, while keeping it fully secure.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The many benefits of cloud technology
  • The main security challenges when moving data to the cloud
  • The four requirements for securely migrating data to the cloud
  • The main cloud migration approaches
  • How one food and beverage company leveraged logical data fabric to enable a secure, reliable, and fast migration to the cloud, to improve data quality and enable better business decisions