Jason Medwid
Jason Medwid
Practice Manager, Data & Analytics at DevFacto

The Denodo Platform has some well-documented benefits, including real-time data access, streamlined data governance, and support for legacy and modern data sources. However, when these benefits begin to generate excitement across the organization, that some excitement can sometimes lead to conflict, as stakeholders might have different ideas about where to start, or who should own which part of the implementation and the resulting functionality.

In this presentation, Jason Medwid, Practice Manager, Data and Analytics at DevFacto, a consulting company, shares best practices for enabling a smooth, successful Denodo Platform implementation.

You will learn why it is important to:

  • Work with a cross-functional team that includes stakeholders from IT, Security, Governance, Business, and Leadership
  • Adopt an iterative development process
  • Move towards tangible business goals and capabilities that can be easily demonstrated and measured
  • Proactively address security and infrastructure considerations
  • Communicate that the implementation will benefit the entire organization, that it is not just a quick way for one or two specialized teams to leverage the benefits of data virtualization