Andrew Sohn
Andrew Sohn
SVP, Global Digital and Analytics Services, Crawford & Company

Crawford & Company, a global leader in claims and risk management, is developing new, global end-to-end services that span previously stand-alone, country-specific products. Data and data-driven insight have taken center stage, as Crawford continues its market leadership. Modern data virtualization and data governance tools and practices has been the secret to better Self-Service BI for Crawford’s end users, resulting in faster time-to-market for Crawford’s products and services.

Join this Denodo DataFest session to understand:

  • How Crawford gets a holistic, real-time view of its enterprise data using a unique, agile data architecture.
  • How Crawford uses Denodo to abstract out data complexities to allow users to be productive with tools they are familiar with.
  • What lies ahead in Crawford Enterprise Data Architecture.

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