David Loshin
David Loshin
President of Knowledge Integrity at TDWI

As organizations opt for cloud computing platforms and migrate their data and applications to a hybrid cloud environment, they use multiple platforms to support new and increasing data types for analytics. However, as enterprise data architectures expand to incorporate both cloud and on-premises platforms and systems, the complexity of the environment leads to operational inefficiencies. Data latency and redundant computation, coupled with diminished data awareness leads to missing data consumer expectations for rapid information analysis and delivery.

A logical data fabric is a modern and highly effective approach to unify distributed data in a hybrid environment. Organizations can leverage the logical data fabric to overcome systemic challenges, simplify analysis and reporting, and speed the reporting/analysis, data science lifecycle to empower downstream data consumers.

In this session renowned analyst David Loshin will talk about the most important capabilities of the logical data fabric to deal with modern data management and analytics efforts.

You will learn about:

  • The emergence (and persistence) of the hybrid environment
  • Challenges in enabling data consumption
  • The need for data awareness in a hybrid enterprise
  • The most critical capabilities of a logical data fabric