Jonathan Wisgerhof
Jonathan Wisgerhof
Data Architect and Lead Data Virtualization at Axians

“Data minimization” does not mean the ability to store 1GB of data on a thumb drive; it means to persist data only when it is absolutely necessary. This meets two goals: It reduces infrastructure bottlenecks, and it enables organizations to easily comply with GDPR and other regulations that govern data replication.

Jonathan Wisgerhof, Data Architect and Lead Data Virtualization at Axians, explains how data virtualization, working in concert with cloud data warehousing, provides the optimal solution for data minimization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why data virtualization results in fewer copies of personal data
  • How data virtualization enables the consistent management of security controls, applied via a single access point
  • How data virtualization automatically captures the full lineage of all data assets, enabling security stakeholders to understand the original sources for all data
  • How data virtualization enables access to only the most up-to-date, necessary data, without replicating data
  • How cloud data warehouses maintain the strict separation of metadata, storage, and compute resources necessary for data minimization