Ravi Shankar
SVP & CMO, Denodo
George Makiya
Executive Vice President for Data & Analytics, TSTC
Mike Burkes
Mike Burkes
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Information Management at Mint Mobile
Todd Florence
Chief Information Officer, Estes Express Lines

Empowered by modern data management and insights-driven decision making, many senior data and analytics executives are in the driver’s seat to steer their organizations towards high growth, maximizing operational efficiency and creating a data-driven culture. We are excited to bring you three such executives who will join a Denodo subject matter expert to discuss how they are propelling their organization towards a digital future. In this panel you will learn about: 

  • What business problems these executives were facing
  • Why such business problems are best solved with data-driven insights
  • How modern data management is playing such a critical role in their business success