Jeffrey Nogosek
Jeffrey Nogosek
Google Cloud Data & Analytics Lead at Accenture

Many companies are on a journey to become data driven. However, if you were to survey a stakeholder on how the journey is going, not many would be likely to simply respond, “It’s going well!” This is because, to become data driven, companies need to ask dozens of questions, and more often than not, there is not one right answer to any of them.

In this session, Jeffrey Nogosek, Google Cloud Data and Analytics lead at Accenture, explains how companies can overcome the common challenges of undergoing cloud migrations, so that they can become data-driven faster and with much greater ease.

You will learn:

  • The different stages of the cloud journey, and their associated challenges
  • Why companies often have to balance the needs of the business against the needs of IT, when making the journey to the cloud
  • The role of security in becoming data driven
  • The difference between use-case-driven and capability-driven platform migrations
  • How data virtualization facilitates cloud migrations and shortens the road to becoming data driven