Ryan Fattini
VP Data & Analytics, City Furniture

In 2018, CITY Furniture was a promising, modest-sized business, but when the pandemic hit, and many companies scaled back, CITY Furniture made the opposite decision and pushed forward by building out a modern data infrastructure that included a logical data fabric enabled by the Denodo Platform. That decision paid off, and by the end of 2021, CITY Furniture had grown its employee base and driven its revenue up to nearly a billion.
In this presentation, Ryan Fattini, VP of Data Engineering & Analytics at CITY Furniture, will share: 

  •  Overview of architecture that supports Enterprise-wide reach 
  •  How business leaders, analysts, and engineers are leveraging data to their advantage. 
  •  Enterprise data democratization as an offensive strategy
  •  How CITY Furniture “weaponized” key capabilities of the Denodo Platform: The REST API, the Data Catalog, the Scheduler, VQL, and GraphQL
  •  How Logical Data Fabric adoption helped drive financial and environmental change