Saptarshi Sengupta
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Denodo
Rex Washburn
Head of Modern Data Platforms & Lead Architect, CDW
Harsha Tadipadthi
Principal Data Strategist, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Unlock the potential of the digital future with an enlightening panel discussion featuring industry giants CDW, AWS, and Denodo. Dive into the fascinating world of Agile Data Fabric as we unravel its capability to enable rapid data delivery. This exclusive session will explore the collaborative synergy between CDW, AWS, and Denodo, showcasing how they work together to deliver tangible business value. Be part of a conversation that not only delves into the mechanics of innovative data solutions but also emphasizes an agile approach tailored to meet your specific business data requirements. Whether you are an IT leader aiming for strategic growth or an engineer passionate about cutting-edge technology, this is a golden opportunity to gain insights and inspire transformation. Connect, learn, and lead with us in a discussion that promises to be as dynamic as the Agile Data Fabric itself.