Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar
Sr. VP and CMO, Denodo
Matthew Lobaugh
Matthew Lobaugh
SAP Global Beyond Infrastructure Team at AWS

The cloud offers many benefits, but migrating from on-premises systems to cloud systems can be time-consuming and complex, and it often requires a certain amount of downtime that impedes business continuity. This is particularly true when companies combine a cloud migration with a migration from one of the older on-premises SAP versions to a newer one. These are not simple “lift-and-shift” migrations, but completely reconstructed architectures.

Logical data fabric, enabled by data virtualization, greatly simplifies even the most complex cloud migrations, as it enables real-time access to data across old and new systems, simultaneously. It does this by serving as an abstraction layer between data consumers and data sources, so that data consumers do not need to know where the data comes from when they access it.

In this fireside chat, Ravi Shankar, senior VP and CMO, Denodo, talks with Matthew Lobaugh, SAP Global Beyond Infrastructure Team at AWS, about the benefits of leveraging logical data fabric for complex SAP migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You will learn:

  • Why SAP-based companies are accelerating their migrations to AWS, despite the challenges
  • Why many modernization activities cannot be accomplished using “lift-and-shift” strategies
  • What is involved in completely rearchitecting a data infrastructure
  • The benefits of an incremental move to AWS, and how logical data fabric can support such a move
  • Why some companies are using largescale migrations as opportunities to re-think guiding strategies, and gaining innovative new capabilities as a result