Shadab Hussain
Shadab Hussain
Americas Sales Head, Data Analytics at Wipro

A data marketplace is like an online shopping interface specializing in data. Ideally, it should work just like an online store, with minimal latency and maximum responsiveness. However, this does not mean that all of the data in the data marketplace needs to be stored in the same central repository.

In this session, Shadab Hussain, Americas Sales Head, Data Analytics at Wipro, a partner company with Denodo and a co-sponsor of DataFest 2021, talks about the role of data virtualization in enabling full-featured data marketplaces. Such data marketplaces provide real-time, curated access to data, even when the data is stored across many different sources throughout the organization.

You will learn:

  • The main features of a data marketplace
  • Why organizations need data marketplaces
  • Why data marketplaces sometimes fail
  • How data virtualization enables the most effective data marketplaces
  • How one of Europe’s premiere public healthcare system organizations leveraged a data marketplace to improve data consumption and ease of access