Pablo Alvarez
Pablo Alvarez
Global Director of Product Management at Denodo

The Data Mesh architectural design was first proposed in 2019 by Zhamak Dehghani, principal technology consultant at Thoughtworks, a technology company that is closely associated with the development of distributed agile methodology. A data mesh is a distributed, de-centralized data infrastructure in which multiple autonomous domains manage and expose their own data, called “data products,” to the rest of the organization.

Organizations leverage data mesh architecture when they experience shortcomings in highly centralized architectures, such as the lack domain-specific expertise in data teams, the inflexibility of centralized data repositories in meeting the specific needs of different departments within large organizations, and the slow nature of centralized data infrastructures in provisioning data and responding to changes.

In this session, Pablo Alvarez, Global Director of Product Management at Denodo, explains how data virtualization is your best bet for implementing an effective data mesh architecture.

You will learn:

  • How data mesh architecture not only enables better performance and agility, but also self-service data access
  • The requirements for “data products” in the data mesh world, and how data virtualization supports them
  • How data virtualization enables domains in a data mesh to be truly autonomous
  • Why a data lake is not automatically a data mesh
  • How to implement a simple, functional data mesh architecture using data virtualization