Inessa Gerber
Director of Product Management at Denodo
Terry Dorsey
Sr. Data Architect and Evangelist for North America at Denodo
Kimberly Wilbanks
Data Governance Platform Owner at BPX Energy
Sheeri Cabral
Sheeri Cabral
Staff Product Manager, Collibra
Sri Sowmya Madabhushi
Lead Software Development Engineer, S&P Global

This panel discusses the challenges Data Mesh addresses and how organizations can align its principles to their unique environments using Data Virtualization. Data Mesh revolutionizes data management but implementing it can be complex. We explore the role of Data Virtualization as a strategic enabler. Panelists share insights on challenges in traditional approaches and how Data Mesh promotes data democratization, scalability, and agility. They highlight real-world examples of aligning Data Mesh principles to unique contexts using Data Virtualization. Gain actionable strategies to implement Data Mesh and leverage Data Virtualization for data empowerment. Join us to unravel Data Mesh challenges and strategic alignment using Data Virtualization.