Sathish TK
Sathish TK
CTO at IQZ Systems

Logical data fabric, the theme of DataFest 2021, is an exciting new development in data architecture and management, and it is already delivering dramatic benefits in terms of business acceleration and agility. But how did logical data fabric come about, and how can logical data fabric be used to build industry-focused solutions?

In this presentation, Sathish TK, CTO at IQZ Systems, a global technology solutions company, will provide an introduction to logical data fabric, and then discuss specific IQZ solutions for financial services and insurance that are based on logical data fabric.

You will learn:

  • What percentage of the available data is actually used for analysis, on average, using traditional data integration strategies
  • The benefits of logical data fabric
  • The main deployment options for logical data fabric
  • How one IQZ financial services customer established golden records for complex data entities by leveraging logical data fabric
  • How IQZ leveraged logical data fabric to create a life policy status tracker application