Alberto Pan
Alberto Pan
EVP & CTO at Denodo

Logical data fabric is enabling many companies to rapidly modernize their infrastructures to support real-time data access across very different systems, such as cloud and on-premises systems. But not all logical data fabric is created equal.

In this session, Denodo EVP and CTO Alberto Pan will cover some of the unique capabilities of Denodo’s logical data fabric, which is built on the Denodo Platform, one of the industry’s most advanced data virtualization platforms.

You will learn:

  • The underlying vision behind Denodo’s approach to logical data fabric, and its advantages over the monolithic data-collection strategy
  • How the Denodo Data Catalog enables a seamless data marketplace for business users, with personalized data discovery and collaboration via notes, messages, and ratings
  • How AI-based automation powers Denodo logical data fabric with key information, based on active metadata, drawn across the entire organization
  • How Denodo logical data fabric enables streamlined governance and security via user-controlled tags in the semantic layer across all applications