Luis Guadarrama
Luis Guadarrama
Head of Data and Analytics at Engie Mexico

Engie Mexico, the energy company, had a data infrastructure that was built around spreadsheet files, a data warehouse, and a series of extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes. Recently, the company began to struggle with the lack of a single source of truth and long delays in meeting business needs, even if that meant simply answering a quick question about data.

In this session, Luis Guadarrama, Head of Data and Analytics at Engie Mexico, explains how the company surmounted its data integration and data management challenges with the DA VINCI (Data Virtualization and Capability Integration) project and the Denodo Platform.

You will learn how the Denodo Platform:

  • Enabled Engie Mexico stakeholders to access data autonomously
  • Reduced the cost and time of data integration by 67%
  • Reduced the manual labor required by business teams by 400 hours a month
  • Enabled the rapid development of new applications, dashboards, and chatbots
  • Enabled the delivery of more than 7 projects in just 6 months