Shaurya Bhasin
Shaurya Bhasin
Data Platform Lead at GeTS

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is a leading software platform company focused on global trade. Recently, GeTS realized that the company was hampered in its ability to gain holistic insights from the available data, as data was stored across numerous silos.

In this session, Shaurya Bhasin, Data Platform lead at GeTS, talks about how GeTS turned to the Denodo Platform to surmount the company’s challenges, and how the Denodo Platform enabled GeTS to become a data-driven company.

As a result of the profound transformation that GeTS was able to achieve through the implementation of the Denodo Platform, GeTS was awarded the 2021 Denodo Data Innovation Award for the APAC region.

You will learn how GeTS was able to:

  • Modernize its data infrastructure while enabling customers to maintain “business as usual”
  • Reduce replication to only what was necessary
  • Minimize data movement on the network
  • Secure access to product data using fine grained, role-based access control
  • Gain a modern data infrastructure that GeTS hopes to leverage for future projects