Vincent Fages-Gouyou
Vincent Fages-Gouyou
EMEA Product Management Director at Denodo

The Denodo Platform makes all data across the organization available to potentially everyone, internally and externally, in real time. But what does this mean for security?

In fact, the Denodo Platform is built from the ground up to ensure that people can only access the data that they are authorized to see. But this is only the beginning. The Denodo Platform enables organizations to implement highly granular access policies that can be applied to roles, groups, or individual users, and those that can govern data sets, tables, or even individual cells.

In this session, Vincent Fages-Gouyou, EMEA Product Management Director at Denodo, takes you for a deep dive into the robust security capabilities of the Denodo Platform, which includes a short demo of the Denodo Platform in action.

You will learn the ins and outs of:

  • The core Denodo security architecture
  • Policy-based protocols, which can govern access based on time of day, query threshold, and many other user-defined parameters
  • Role-based control, with row- and column-level masking
  • Tag-based security policies, enabling the definition of security policies in the semantic layer
  • Denodo Platform support for third-party security solutions